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We have something very special for you, it is a montage of Rocketskaters around the globe. Not only does the montage show that Rocketskates are the foremost mode of interactive transportation, but that they are also a stylish accessory that will surely get the attention of masses.

The video begins in California where riders of various skills are enjoying their Rocketskates in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Spanning across the United States, our professional skaters glide along the streets, boardwalks and beaches of Las Vegas, Chicago and Miami.

But it doesn’t end there, as Rocketskates have already made their way across the Atlantic. You will see a skater learning the simple fundamentals in Moscow, Russia; One skater enjoying a peaceful ride down the Thames River in London, England and another making his way through busy Munich, Germany.

And last, Rocketskates have become the craze in Asia. You will see skaters glide through the busy streets and city centers of Bangkok, Seoul, Tokyo and Shanghai. And as you can see, these particular individuals in Asia make riding Rocketskates look extremely cool.

This montage shows just how efficient, stylish and smooth Rocketskates operate in big cities around the world. But Rocketskates can be yours wherever you may be. They are available in various models on our official website.

http://shop.actonglobal.com/collections/rocketskates Click this link and take a closer look at the Acton Rocketskates.

Get yourself a pair and then send us a video of you riding around your locales. Show us and the world how you roll.