Blink Board

World’s lightest electric skateboard

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World’s first smart electric skates

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M Scooter

Red carpet favorite

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"The perfect product to fill the hole in your lives and driveways..."

Rob Stott, Editor of Dealerscope

"It's so much more maneuverable than a longboard. And it's a lot of fun to ride."

Sean O’Kane, Editor of the Verge

"Small, fast and hella fun to ride. This one is gonna be hard to beat!"

Sam Sheffer, Editor of Mashable

"I'm loving it!!! Way cooler than a hover board! "

Janice, Blink Rider

"Have been following all your products and this blink board excites the heck out of me. I give it a five stars!"

Ethan, Blink Rider

"One of the best gadgets of 2016."

The Telegraph

"Very maneuverable. Couldn't ask for a better one to roll :)"

Anoop, Blink Rider

“The future is now. Got hands on the electric blink board and it’s awesome.”

OSU, Blink Rider

“Finding new ways to get to @cccseattle this morning. Fun to just be outside rather than in the car!”

Brain, Blink Rider

"Enjoying our new toys in South Korea. ACTON really fun and very practical for our need."

Victor, Blink Rider

"@actonallday got my #blinkboard today! It's awesome! Bringing it back home for summer #ActonBlinkBoardTAIWAN here we go! "

Johnson, Blink Rider

"I love it, thanks guys for what you do!"

Green, Blink Rider